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About Us

C.P. Glover Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to:

  • Preserving natural families;

  • Empowering men and women to become the best parents they can be;

  • Reuniting families who have been separated via adoption; and

  • Educating families about their rights and about the long-term implications that adoption may have on their family.

Mother Daughter Portrait


Our Mission:

  • We are not a "welfare program."  Rather than simply helping families in need, we aim to dismantle the systems that make them in need.

  • We strive to build up the health, happiness, and fortunes of all people. We believe that by lifting up society's most vulnerable members, we ultimately create a better society for everyone.

  • We believe in supporting the family unit as a whole, and we accomplish this by providing a combination of financial guidance, access to programs, legal aid, education, mentoring, and employment opportunities that will encourage family preservation.

"For every family that is created by adoption, another one must first be dismantled."
-Patricia Glover

Meet The Team

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